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After seeing the vid that was posted I wanted to have a spin 'round this place. I parked at the rt 27 lot at the soccer fields, just after the Wawa restaurant, suited up and headed in. Spinning around the woods was very speeder-bike-esque, just like I was in return of the jedi, clipping the trees, even down to the loss of traction and crash into a tree!

I met up with a couple of other riders for a bit, we stopped and laid some pallets over a boggy area, then it was off again, through the woods, over the road, through a river and back into the woods again. The trail courses around the perimeter of a few folds and darts in and out of woods. The local guys must love log rolles coz there's loads of 'em. A few ladder bridges over streams too.

All told, the out and back is about 13.5 miles. Nothing too strenuous, lots of good spinning and tight singletrack in the woods. I quite liked it. But it gets very muddy!!


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Try it in the summer.. No mud and way faster.

Keep looking, I am sure you didn't find all the trails.


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