wed 5/23, 3:45/4pm Mahlon, 2-3 hrs


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Just had to comment again on how much I enjoyed this ride. Sean's loop took us on groovy rolling singletrack, a couple of stiff climbs, through some pretty techy rock gardens (some of which I made a bumbling mess of), and lots of double track to get some steadier pedaling in. Two rocky downhills that were more fun than I've had on the bike in a long while, particularly the second one. I'm still thinking about all sorts of cool elements, two days later.

Particular props to Brett and the moto sound effects. Friggin' great.

I live in the wrong part of the state.


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I will be up there weds and thurs riding w/ them...chris maybe you can try to make it back up.

anyone else free?

Weds Mahlon 3:45?

Thursday...maybe the mooch


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I'll have to give it a shot. The 50k crs file today shit the bed. It said "virtual partner started" but the track was nowhere in sight. Of course it didn't help that I didn't start the gps until we were past Cardiac. But I imagine it should have still been there.

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