Verizon Fios vs Cablevision

I signed up for Fios when I moved. I got all three sevices from Verizon: cable, internet and phone. I've had it for about a year now and am very pleased. I have 1 home media dvr and 1 hd box and we subscribed to the extreme hd channels package. They offer a ton of hd channels. I pay the same with Verizon as I did with Comcast but I am getting way more HD channels, faster internet, and 2 cable boxes.

I would recommend Fios.

also the fact that their DVR works on your network so that you can watch recorded shows on other "boxes" or TVs in your house without having to record them on every box. On the flip side if you are just looking to save money, call cable say you are about to switch and they will throw themselves at you to keep you. No joke, I made the change, got tons of calls and even had a guy show up at my house looking like an executive on a Saturday afternoon asking what he could offer me to come back. I had some really good ideas ....
sooo... 10 post later. I get no response about the verizon DSL 🙄😀
I speak DSL cause Fios isn't here yet.

I wonder how DSL speed stacks up against getting a MiFi from Verizon wireless? Monthly charge for the MiFi is $40 or $60 per month, depending how much porn you download.
I wonder how DSL speed stacks up against getting a MiFi from Verizon wireless? Monthly charge for the MiFi is $40 or $60 per month, depending how much porn you download.

The mifi is a hot little device. But if you do any p2p or large downloads I would steer clear. There is a monthly cap in the plans. Read the fine print.
The speeds of the mifi would be around 1.5 mbs assuming good signal. This number deteriorates quickly as more users share the connection.

The theoretical Max of EVDO Rev A is 3.1 mps...this is only seen in a emulated environment.

I'd suggest waiting for LTE before using wireless as a main source of broadband access. That will be more comparable to the cable speeds. I think VZW is rolling it out this year, but I'm not sure where the first markets will be.
Being that this IS my real job( data/telecom, A/V tech), IME the only thing that customers w/ FIOS complain about is whatever sports team is blocked out at any given point in whatever companies contract. Just calling in and sayin you are thinkin of switchin(no matter the provider) usually will get you a promo fee(although this will only work a couple times) I'm all about DTV, my cell on a home BT cordless and a simple DSL dryline,if and when i ever get the internet😀
For years Comcast was my only land Cable line choice. They SUCK! Once I told their Customer Service Rep that I would be willing to pay double just to get someone else, she just laughed.

2 years ago FIOS came to town. We never looked back. They are not the cheapest company, but picture is great, internet is OK and you can get live support that speaks good English on Saturday night in about 4-6 min.
Internet through FIOS is great. Good speeds that are they don't go to shit when your neighbors start downloading their porn. I had .6 Mbps for like 3-4 weeks from cablevision compared to my promised 20 (it's not guaranteed, but anything less than like 6 is just theft). I bitched them out countless times and only after nearly having a stroke did they refund me the money. If I could jump ship to Fios I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Eventually FIOS network will become saturated the same way as Cablevision and your connection will get slower during peak hours. I don't believe there is any so called "dedicated" connection to your house. Your share the bandwidth with your neighbors.

When I complained about Cable speed during peak hours they didn't even argue or troubleshoot. Technician split my connection outside the house to carry internet and TV signal separately and replaced the modem. Now my download is always in 10-15Mb range.
I wonder how DSL speed stacks up against getting a MiFi from Verizon wireless? Monthly charge for the MiFi is $40 or $60 per month, depending how much porn you download.

We were looking into that as well. We have Optimum internet and TV here and we almost NEVER watch the TV so we were gonna just drop it and get an antenna to watch the regular channels. We have no land line either. Using the laptops and a MiFi thing would also get rid of this big dumb desktop I'm on right now. At this point my MacBook Pro has more power than my Dual G4:hmmm:

They install a fiber switch in each neighborhood. Internet performance is blazing fast but tends to suffer when they fill up the switch. Also, God forbid they unplug you to install a new line for someone else! Even though we saw the truck leave the neighborhood and that our neighbor had his service turned on at exactly the same time ours went out, we had to fight with them for three weeks to get our line plugged back in and another two to get a credit. Service, as usual, stinks.
My work requires me to have backup Internet so I had DSL for a while and it was crap. I think might have been due to what the technician described as "ancient" phone wiring at my house. Cable was a bit better, but still crap until the 5th technician who came told me they had to replace the line on the whole block. After that, it's been fine. I got rid of DSL after I got an EVDO card for backup.

Maybe if I had 5 technicians come out from Verizon, DSL would have worked, but never really used it so whatever.

I don't have the FIOs option where I live.
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I have it at home and at ther shop. The one at home is perfect. The one at the shop goes out all the time.
I ordered it all based on saying the one at home is perfect. So mine better be Gary :getsome: 😀

Anyways, it's worth a shot. I pay $5 a month just for internet and drop the $65+ that comcast charges. On top of that they are giving me a free wireless router and $150 visa card once you are totally locked in and 30 days to try it out. So it's totally worth trying out. If it's crap then I have nothing to loose, if it's good we will save ~$800+ a year by doing a triple play and get $150! I would recommend others look into it if you just use the internet for basic browsing and small downloading.
I had a REALLY bad experience with a fios saleswoman a while back. It almost ended with me kicking her legs off on my front doorstep. Fios could be the second coming of christ and I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. And just to get it out there, I hope that bitch burns in hell.:getsome:
VZ DSL verdict

I knew comcast was ripping my nut sack off every month. I don't notice any considerable difference at all between this and comcast cable modem. I've streamed some videos and it performs the same. My only complaint is I'm not getting the 7.1Mbps as advertised but I expected that since they hit you with some BS right off the bat stating if you can't get 7.1 will 5.0 be okay. And right now it's 4.8 or something but whatever. I can hardly tell. All I know is I saved a lot of money by making the switch and I feel on top of the world but in between the lines i know somehow they, Verizon, are the ones that are on top. :hmmm:
Just got a letter from Comcast with their revised fee schedule for television service. All the prices are going up.
Just got a letter from Comcast with their revised fee schedule for television service. All the prices are going up.

Me too, I spat on their brand new building (tallest in philly, btw) when i was in philly this past weekend. bastards.
I was nearly on a first name basis with the NJ Board of Public Utilities because of 16 months of billing hell with Verizon. I eventually worked my way to the point where I could call a state phone number in Trenton to leave a complaint and Verizon would call back in 2 or 3 hours.

Verizon is incapable of fixing any issues that cross lines between TV, internet, and phone because the three divisions do not talk nor do their computers communicate. A friend who works for Verizon Wireless could not help me at all and even told me I was screwed during the whole process.

Cablevision sucks but is a hell of a lot less evil than Comcast or Verizon.
we switched from Comcast to Verizon.

pros of the swtich - atleast once a week or so, the phone would cut out completely with Comcast. no such problem with Verizon.

cons of the switch -
* the Verizon contract;
* 100% CONTRARY to their ads the On-Demand selection on Verizon SUCKS compared to Comcast - (1) I've never even heard of 1/2 of their "featured" movies (2) their free movies are made-for-tv shit, on Comcast they had REAL movies you could watch for free. If Comcast had "Ferris Bueler" it would be FREE, on Verizon youre paying $2.99. Although you could watch a Lifetime movie from the 90's for free if you wish.

so while Verizon may be technically correct when they say they have "twice" the On-Demand selection of Comcast keep in mind: (1) youre paying for movies that are free on Comcast; (2) the additional selections on Verizon is comprised of shit you'd never want to watch anyway.

my two cents.
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