Trail Directory: New Feature (Trail Maintenance)


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Added a small new feature to the trail directory for those who want to help JORBA with trail maintenance.

For trails that have a tail maintenance forum over at, we now have a direct link to make things easier.

NJ Jess

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Thanks for the links! Now people can see if their favorite park has it's own group. If not, perhaps a frequent rider of the park will organize a group. Ride on!


Nice! That helps me with my crappy NJ geography! Thanks Jay.


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Good stuff JORBA has been doing with ALL the trails around. We seriously have to stick together to keep these places open. South Mountain Res. is a perfect example of what NOT to do in the future. That place could be one of the best places to ride and its off limits due to a lot of reasons, mainly stupid reasons. I've seen what JORBA has done, specifically in Lewis Morris Park in Motown and its all good. Nice job.
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