Trail Closures near philly


entirely thrilled
got this in my inbox from IMBA today. valley forge is west of philadelphia, connected to wissahickon by the schyukill river trail(paved path). i don't recall riding any trails in valley forge, but why not help out our neighbors:

Popular Trails Slated for Closure at Valley Forge

Pennsylvania's Valley Forge National Historic Park is proposing to close all mountain biking trails in its new management plan. Mountain bicyclists have ridden some park trails for nearly 20 years and have one final chance to provide comments on the draft management plan and keep trails open. The deadline for comments is April 6.

Trails at Valley Forge are a valued community asset and used frequently by the local and regional cycling community. Located in a smaller, less-visited area, many of the trails were developed socially and receive little or no maintenance. Mountain bikers are asking for a new partnership to help create a sustainable trail system that will improve visitor experiences and better protect natural resources.

Take Action!
Help keep Valley Forge trails open. Submit comments through an easy-to-use online form- . The deadline for input is Friday, April 6.

Talking Points
Please continue to allow bicycling on trails used by our community.

Mountain bicyclists value singletrack experiences in the Valley Forge trail system.

Shared-use trails are the most efficient use of agency resources and help build a larger community of park supporters.

Please develop a partnership agreement with local mountain bicyclists to help create a sustainable trail network.

An improved trail system will increase visitor enjoyment and better preserve natural resources.

Science has shown the impacts of mountain biking to be similar to hiking and far less than horses or OHVs. Properly designed trails are essential to minimizing impacts from all user groups.
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