TM at Wayway & Allaire

NJ Jess

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Hello, I hope we can find time for TM trail maintenance on Saturday, march 25th- wayway. And Allaire on March 26th. Bring your bikes, gloves, and spirit so we can straighten up the fun spots we ride. PS. If you are doing the Campmor H2H series, these TMs will give you great "PayDirt" hours. Go to for more info. Jess
TM Allaire 8 am hospital road

Hope to see some of you out there. I doesn't seem that it rained. I just got home from TM at Wayway. It was in the high 40's with sunshine. Completed 4 1/2 hours of TM on the race course. Then Rob and Wendi and I did the whole race course. gee, it's going to be way cool. Smiles, Jess
Sorry we missed you on Sunday. I didn't realize the TM started at 8 until after we got back from breakfast at 9. I rode pretty hard at Clayton, yesterday, and ended up not riding today anyway. Hope you guys got in and out before the rain hit!

Very Productive Day

Hey Kerry, It was a fun filled day simply meeting so many people that want to help improve the trails. You would have enjoyed it, but if you rode hard yesterday I can understand. Besides, there will be more. Post when you plan to ride Allaire or Clayton. I would like to get in some rides. Smiles, Jess
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