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Day 10. I went out to the miles of six with my son. It was alright. Obviously there were puddles, no peanut butter. Gotta get back in with trimmers it’s insane how fast stuff is growing. Stopped to help a crew out who needed a wrench - crank arm fell off.


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I wonder why when I click your link for Strava it can't be found?
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I did not realize that I had the privacy setting set to followers and not everyone. I thought if I joined the Strava group everyone in that group would see my activities.

Please try again.

Edit: my usual trip is start at the Kingston Parking lot next to RIders Furniture to Griggstown and back :). I need to find something else to try but usually at least one family member joins me on my ride so for now sticking to the same route.

Edit 2: Link to all the rides, since I only started posting them yesterday.
July 10th -
July 9th -
July 8th - 2nd ride -
July 8th - 1st ride -
July 7th -
July 6th -
July 5th -
July 4th -
July 3rd -
July 2nd -
July 1st -
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Day 10 - finally some dirt again!

Some of my friends from a car forum were getting together for lunch in upper Bucks and asked me to go. Since I'd be near by, I decided to try riding at Nox. The trails weren't too bad - mud in the usual areas that stay wet, but otherwise it was a nice day out. The Tower Rd lot was almost empty and I didn't see many people on the trails, riding or hiking. After eating a big lunch, followed by a spirited drive to get ice cream (well - "spirited" as far as driving a minivan can be). I set out on my ride. 15 min in, I realized I'd forgotten to put on my pack - so I had no water. Well... I'd only be out for an hour and a bit, so I figured I'd be ok. And I was. It did however, remind me of how awesome it is to ride without a pack on my back. I need to work on that...

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After the ride - I tried to meet back up with the group, but they had gone home. But I did hang out with one friend at his place. Rode in his huge '77 Caddy Deville he and his wife plan to drive out west for their 5 year anniversary. And got to look at his BRZ rally car. He rides a bit as well, but unfortunately he has a bit of carpel tunnel and can't hold the bars for very long without severe pain.
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