The July 31/31 Classic p/b Halter's, JORBA, & MTBNJ


Captain Wildcat
Team MTBNJ Halter's
7/6 - Hit Ascutney on the way to KT.


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Part 1 morning work commute work commute... great weather before it got too hot

Part 2. Absolutely opposite of part 1

I needed to leave work 20 minutes before I did for part 2 of the commute. That storm was no joke. It'll pass soon... 1.5 hours later I decided to just go for it while the rain was light. Some serious lightning flashes tonight. Oh well... I got to ride my bike today. Hence, it was a good day.



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Another two part story to complete day 6. First , a late morning /early afternoon spin with the wife on the Paulinskil/Sussex Branch trail before picking up my son from school. Followed by a solo excursion on the Branchville end, before picking up my daughter, who's helping out with summer horse camp at Misty Mountain Acres.


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Check out my activity on Strava:

I guess it's up to the judges to decide if this was my day 6 ride, or my day 7 with a mulligan for 6.

The plan was to ride during or immediately after work, but even when the rain eased up, I couldn't take a break to ride.

Normally I'm out by 11, but tonight I was busy until after midnight. It was storming violently for the whole drive home, but by the time I changed and pulled my bike out of the car, it was beautiful riding weather. Just took a slow roll around town, but it was very relaxing after a highly stressful day.

I'm definitely not getting up to ride before work, so I guess I'd better recharge my lights.

Ian F

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I definitely heard hail coming down last night at my house in SE PA.

Day 7 - rinse and repeat...

Although at least I was on a different bike than yesterday. Many puddles and road debris from the storms last night made the gravel bike with fenders a better choice.

T'was a mere sliver of a Moon as the sun was coming up (barely visible in the middle of this picture):

Mist Under Power Lines:


Storm downed tree branch blocking most of the road. This was on the return; I damn near rode into it in the dark on the way out, slightly distracted by the police car in the lot next to it. Thought about taking a picture then, but decided it was too dark.

It was definitely getting warm by the end of the ride. I was glad to get the ride in early before the heat and humidity really set in. This was a super-easy spin, but I know from past experience doing this challenge, metering out efforts is key. Last time I completed this, I did too many hard rides early in the month and by the end it was a struggle to get the legs moving.
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