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JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock
We are looking for suggestions and general comments on trails within Wildcat Ridge WMA. Since some of you ride there, we were hoping that you may provide some. For example, is there enough trailheads, parking lots, ideas for new connecting trails, the need for bridges. Some effort has been made this year to keep the unmarked multi-use trails open by clearing deadfall. Do you use those trails even though they may be double track? Would you like more of these type trails blazed?

please send comments to:
wildcat at jorba dot org

Thanks and we look forward to lots of great ideas,

JORBA Wildcat WMA Chapter
this is really great news!

this place, as some of you may or may not know, has HUGE potential. there is some really great riding here but it has been pretty neglected for quite some time. if you could establish an "outer loop" that was well marked it would be fantastic place to start.

are you planning on connecting the WMA trails with splitrock (i can only assume)? is farney part of this effort as well?

please post the TMs here once they get organized.
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