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i never checked if something clogged that little stream - it does seem to be worse.
the section before the approach to the stream has also gotten worse - where the line is left around the rock,
or over it (mostly over it)

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Always assume the line on chunky monkey is over top of the large boulders. Stay out of the muck as much as possible... that’s what makes that trail so challenging, the tires are always gonna be caked in mud.


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Looks likes Sourlands got some "infrastructure" upgrades! Nice build quality, but lacks enough lower lumbar support ;)
2021-05-19 11.04.05.jpg


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Rode there today.
The area around post marker 7 is the only badly grown in area.
There is also a downed tree on the C Climb trail near marker 7. This could be dangerous if someone is descending that trail because it hidden by the growth and a bend in the trail.

Those new alt rocks lines around Roaring Brook look SICK!

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