So I Cracked My Frame...


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While cleaning off my bike this morning from my previous ride on Tuesday I noticed a crack in one of chainstay welds closest to the lower pivot. Tried to convince myself that it was just a scratch, but alas, it was indeed a crack.

Dropped it of at the LBS not too long thereafter. I would guess Specialized will warranty the lower half of the rear triangle and just send a replacement. Hopefully this won't take as long as my shock rebuild from last month.

Shit-luck so far this summer w/ some pretty heavy-duty damages/repairs, but them's the breaks I suppose. This keeps up I'll have to throw some money at my old hardtail to make that trail-worthy again. 'Til then I'll cruise the roads on it...
Take my frame and use it while you wait. Seriously it's sitting in the basement doing nothing.
Now would be a wonderful time to demo a 29er:D

Seriously, good luck with the warrenty stuff.
Thanks for the offer Norm. I dropped the bike off at the shop sans wheels, but with everything else intact. With any luck I can just have those sections of the frame replaced (although an entirely new frame would be sweet, but not necessary based on the location of the crack) without stripping the bike down.

Walt - No demo-ing any new bikes for me these days. Maybe when Mrs. 679 gets back to work from her latest maternity leave.

Cool. Might as well give the shop a ring and make sure that's what's going to happen. If not, tell them you have a replacement you'd like to swap in for the time being. The offer is there, feel free to take me up on it if you need to.

Even if they just give you the parts I'm sure we can throw it together in no time.
Yeah, they're going to call me on Monday. They indicated that they should be able to get the replacement within the week which would put me back on it by the long weekend. Should that not occur, I'll let you know. I think your frame is a large, correct? That may be a bit cramped for me (mine's an XL), but very cool of you to offer it up and I'm sure I could adjust for a short period if need be.

Yup, it's a large. Hopefully they can get you turned around in no time but if not, shoot me a PM.

Another option is to just take the 26er aluminum HT I have in the basement. It's stiff, so I wouldn't bring it to RV. But it's an option that would actually be easier than building your bike back up. Probably be just fine for DP/KVSP/LM.
Good thing you took it to the shop and didnt do the work yourself. I think I have wasted 200 bucks in DNFred's
Back and Ready for the Weekend

Got the call today that the part of the rear linkage came in, got replaced and is good to go. Picked it up on the way home from work and all is well. They warrantied the lower half of the rear traingle. Slightly different shade of silver, but I couldn't care less about that.

Glad to have it back for this weekend as we're out of town next weekend and ridng after work is always a crapshoot. Hope to get through the next month w/o any more major repairs.
Good to hear!
I cracked the rear triangle of my Kokopeli and YETI warrantied me SHIT! I had to pay like $180 ( i think) for it. I wonder how long I rode it without noticing it was cracked :eek: (if you read the other thread, i don't clean my bikes very often :eek:, so I never noticed it)
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