Six Mile Run "The Long Way" Group Ride. Sunday, August 3rd @ 8:00am


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Sunday, August 3rd @ 8:00am. Kingston, NJ D&R Canal Parking area, Rt. 27 North Bound Side.

Come and ride the Six Mile loop the long way. We'll be heading out from the D&R Canal parking area in Kingston, NJ. Riding up the Canal path, including the short section of the Silver Maple Singletrack Trail, to Six Mile Run for a loop of the park and back down to Kingston on the Canal Path.

The ride along the D&R Canal will be approx. 8 miles each way, plus an approx. 12 mile loop of Six Mile Run, giving a total of around 28 flat miles of riding. The pace will be adjusted to the group with no one being dropped. My plan is for a steady intermediate social effort, certainly not a hammerfest.

The Parking area is directly off Rt. 27 on the north bound side in Kingston. You can see it as a tiny dead end spur off Rt. 27 on this map. Its across from the Rider Furniture store.,-74.617982&spn=0.009743,0.016479&z=16

Hope to see you there at 8:00 am.

Jason P.


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EPIC but did you know 8am is earlier than I have to get to work??? That's an issue. :drooling:

No definate yes, but I would like to come. Depends on if I get up and whether or not I'm too burnt from the CR ride sat. morn.



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I'd love to join this ride, but it looks like Sat. is going to be my ride day. :( I think I'll be joining the group ride at CR.

Have a good time and don't scare too many families on the tow path. :D



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I enjoyed very muchy.

One of the longest rides i've been on off road. I biked from my house at 8:15am and met the group on the canal path. I didn't get home till 11:45am. It was about a 3 hr 10 min ride (that is not including my wait time). We kept a good relaxed pace, hit all the sections except for the red, and everyone was a trooper cause we only really stopped like once! A+++


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Thanks to Mare45 I now know how to resize pics. HOLLER! Duh... of course MS has an image editor. I knew that.... no not really.

Here are pics of me candidly waiting for them at the canal. AND YES IT WAS AUTO-TIMER'ed cause I had nothing to do for 20 min. And I thought the shadow one is rad.


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