Shimano chain goop


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Just wondering... Does anyone know what that sticky substance is that Shimano coats their new chains with? I can't imagine anything that is more of a dirt magnet then that goop. I guess its a lube of some sort but it seems to do more harm then good.
Grease. It's supposedly really fantastic for lubrication except for the obvious downside you point out. But then the idea is to only have lube on the inside of the chain so I'd say do your best to clean all the outer surfaces before riding. Just a thought who the hell knows.
It's a catch-22 for me. The only way I can effectively clean the excess grease from the outside of the chain is to use a degreaser, which inevitably leaks into the cracks and crevices of the chain, so I have to relube the chain anyway. I'd rather they just ship the chain dry and let me lube it after installed.
I asked Lennard Zinn about this stuff and his reply was to leave it on. Just clean and lube your chain after each ride for the first couple of rides and it will come off.
Yes, it's grease, but it's not for lubrication (much to thick and tackyfor a bike chain)- it's for packaging shelf life. That chain might sit around for god knows how long before it's sold and who wants a pre rusted new chain. On my bikes a new chain goes straight to the parts washer. Then blow it dry with the compressor, install and then lube with appriate chain lube (I really like the new Park chain lube W/ptfe). On customer bikes it's install, shift to the big chain ring, spray a rag (not the chain) with degreaser or brake cleaner and give the rollers and side plates a good wipe down. Do that and you'll be good to go.
jeff, what tjyeti said should solve your degreaser in the rollers problem. spray a rag, in one spot, then using the rag, hold the chain between your thumb and forefinger and back pedal it till it moves easily.
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