Saturday, Sept 22 - Road Ride


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All Roadies,

This Saturday, weather permitting, I'm going to be riding from Ringwood, up into New York (Greenwood lake) and beyond. Probably complete around 70 miles at a medium pace. If anyone is interested in joining me, please let me know. This weather is absolutely perfect for riding and the roads/views are gorgeous!

So, who's in?
It's a tough draw. While a lot of people road ride here you're on a mountain biking site and entering the home stretch of the best mountain biking time of the year. All the races are tying up, all the trails are in good condition, temps are nice and cool which makes the woods a great place to ride now. So I'm not too surprised you don't get a lot of traction with these rides.

Hey I say keep posting though. Good to have more rides posted.
damn, nobody?

I would normally be interested. I'll be racing CX this Saturday.

I grew up in Wanaque and know all the roads you will be on. My favorite loop is from Wanaque, up Rt. 202 into New York, snaking my way to 9W and up to Bear Mtn. Then back through Harriman and GW Lake. Loads of climbing and loads of fun.
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