Santa Cruz Blur XC blowout


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Santa Cruz is blowing out 2008 Blur XC frames and completes. Prices are marked way down. Check their website for a dealer near you. Town Cycle is a dealer as well;)

MTB Aussie

If Santa Cruz is having a blow out sale on Blur XC, is that because they built too many, or sales are slow, or they are planning a substantial design mod for '09 and want to clear out the oldies since they will not sell once the new one is released?


I'm holding out. I'm torn between a XC or the LT2. I just finished checking my old Blur XC over after wednesday night's 6 mile ride when it sounded like I cracked the frame. The lower link is pretty much dead.

The LT got new pivots, revised VPP, grease ports, carbon link - more of the same for the Nomad - the XC is next. I would love the Blur XC with the LT2 geometry. Light and short travel with a slacker head angle would be awesome. The LT2 is just to heavy for average trail riding.

MTB Aussie

Really? I can't imagine the frame and shock being more than 6, maybe 6.5 pounds. How light do you need it?
Built up my Blur LT is 27lb. I don't think the LT2 is any more on the frame weight. If your lower link is creaking you need new bearings on the old Blur. When did you last pop the pivot axles out and grease them?
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