route advice needed, Stanhope to Trexlertown PA

Dean S

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Hi, been lurking a while. First time posting. I'm looking for a road route from NW NJ to Trexlertown PA, the velodrome. I may ride to the swap meet this weekend. I'd imagine 57 would be ok to ride but never have, once over the river, I have no clue. Anyone have any good routes to the area? Anyone riding there for the swap?
I belive tha after you cross the river, you can get on either Hecktown rd. or Airport rd. Take that to McArthur rd. south, to Hamilton blvd. (West) I have never ridden in the area, but this route seems to be the most logical.
i've ridden out to the races before several times. most from jefferson, once from stanhope. here ya go by road:,-75.123138&spn=0.481581,1.274414&z=10&om=1

if you have cross tires or wider road tires, you can take the path along the lehigh all the way to allentown. to do this, just follow the delaware south as soon as you cross into easton. when it crosses the lehigh, go left, then immediate left again onto the bike path, which goes under the bridge you just crossed.
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