Root 66 race series

NJ Jess

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Wow. It was really nice to see so many riders from the Campmor H2H race series there. It was a super fast, roadie approved, type of fast singletrack. There were over 400 mountain bikers. The sport womens class had 20 riders as did the women Expert/pro. That's a lot of racers it a class that H2H normally get 7 or 8. I hope mountain biking draws that many for NJ. They had great swag and it was pretty good with the organizing. Waywayanda will be next weekend, so hope to see some mtbnj faces.


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good to see the popularity coming back, thats how the races were in the late 90s when I was doing my thing.

sucked when they grouped the semi pro guys in with my class though lol
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