Repair Stands

I saw that one, as well. The folding legs are a nice space-saving option, but how secure is that clamp?
The Clamp is fine.It's not a quick lever kind like on the higher end ones.The legs fold for easier storage.It's a bare bones stand but it gets the job done.
Stan LeCupp said:
I have a Park PCS-9. It's there cheapest model but it works fine for home use.I picked it up for around $70 shipped on Ebay.

I am using this stand too. $80 to my door. At first I was kind of pissed i didnt just spend more for a quick clamp. But now that I have been using it I kind of like it better because I put 8 different bikes in it and I would be adjusting the clamp anyways.
the one that ytc and others have has a spring loaded clamp, so fo the standard range of seat posts you really don't need to adjust it. the three different settings are for drastically different sizes, like going from seat post to top tube(aluminum).
The Ultimate Support stands are pretty nice. Wife splurged on the Ultimate Pro for a birthday gift. It's pricey but very nice. It folds up well and comes with a really nice storage/carry bag. A friend has the cheaper one and it's also pretty nice. has the ultimate for $103 after a 20% discount code at checkout (GEAR929). Worked for me last night, though the shipping gets it back up to 137. Still pretty good though.
As someone who has had the park and the ultimate i really like the ultimate but you are gonna pay more. The compact folding carry case makes it easy to carry anywhere. I never had the high end park one, just the low end one but that stays in the house. How much did you want to spend?
psyc - i already ordered the stand prior to your post. it cost me $80 (shipping include) on E-Bay, the low-end park. what is really fawking annoying is that the seller told me it would be shipped the day i ordered it (oct 5th), and it actually went out yesterday. D@mn i hate waiting!
i have the ultimate consumer model. works great, very stable, folds easily and small. downside is the clamp is a bit awkward with a heavy bike, but the pro model's clamp is a breeze.
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I got the Park home mechanic pcs-9 model as well and it gets the job done in the house. Don't get this one if you plan on keeping it in a car for trails, races etc... It does not fold to a compact form. I use it to hold my road bike when not used for mechanic work.Other 3 MTB bikes are on a Magura storage stand. A good floor pump and a stand is a must.
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