Rain, Rain, go away,..

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So,...I'm getting over my severe case of sciatica (with muscle relaxers and pain killers) and I want to ride my bicycle. I have the 24 of Allamuchy this coming weekend and I need to do a few miles. And now all this,...RAIN! I was going to try to ride 6 mile after work tomorrow, but now it will be a mess. Perhaps Allaire,...or maybe this Tatum Park Woods. So,...who's riding? What are YOU doing since this weather stinks?


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Oh, I'm with you fellas! .... Just for the record, it has not started to rain up here yet. :rolleyes:

on another note ....I'm doing a birthday ride next week.

NJ Jess

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I rode Island Beach State Park yesterday which was beautiful, but it was against a head wind,...both ways to boot!

As for the beer,...I'd love to drink, but I have to lose some weight since I have to move up to Expert. (All those skinny 120 pound babes are going to kick my arse!) Besides, I need to save whatever calories I can for Pixychick's Birthday after ride party!

When and where is the ride?


Drank a lot of 'black & tans' and 'mojitos' this past week on vacation. Figures the rain is coming just in time for the 24...Guess since I can't surf this week I'll be riding in the rain...have to get used to rocks, roots, and logs again after being down the shore and riding flat roads. :D


that sucks.. i feel bad for anyone that has this week off. You should ride anyway.. rain or no rain. It may help you to prepare for a muddy, washed out Allamuchy. Try some Yoga too and the sun is bad for you anyway :)


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natural pain killer/ muscle relaxer

You can also try valerian root, which is a natural pain killer and muscle relaxer... How are you feeling? Just got back from New Zealand and would like to catch up soon. Did some nice mtn. biking there, but wish I had my bike!

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Oh my G--! That is the one place I call my Dream vacation. I actually have a "New Zealand" fund in hopes to vacation there for a month. Do tell of your adventure there, please!

I have taken Valerian root for sleep before. It's the only med I actually keep in my shed because it stinks so bad. Sorta like stinky feet. hummm, I'll stick with the melatonin and muscle relaxers.

I did do a spin class yesterday,...because of the rain,..and I do feel tons better. Very excited about the 24 hours of A this weekend. HOpe to see you on the trails soon!


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New Zealand

Will do, although too much to write... I can send you the link to the NZ bike forums if you're interested. Someone sent them to me on the teamestrogen forum. I would bring your bike if you can though or really research what you are getting when you rent. The quality of the bikes we got were horrendous! But the trails were awesome!

Melatonin is great for the jet lag too!

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

See you on the trails!

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