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I am looking for locations to ride at night in the sussex/morris county area. I assume the WMAs are all open and I think the parks are generally closed at sunset. Any ideas/suggestions?
most parks and wma's close at sunset and are illegal to enter at night without permission. so it's entirely your risk and you would be commiting a crime(tresspassing), buuuuut, i really don't think you'll be bothered. noone is patroling the trails at night. as long as you stay away from campsites, ranger stations, park headquarters and parking lots, you should be ok. so basically, you would either be riding there from your house, or parking at the nearest supermarket/strip mall/shopping center and riding in. at some parks, there are parking areas, both official and unofficial, that are not locked at night. allamuchy and mahlon at least. if you're not out too late, it shouldn't be a problem. but if you plan on being out there till ten or later, best not to park at the park.

your best bet is to park while the sun is low, but still hasn't set. that way you get warmed up and used to the trail, and you can gradually adjust to riding at night. doing it that way also gives you a valid excuse should a ranger or park cop confront you about being int he park after hours. just tell em you got lost.

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Well, I was going to ride with Steve, and the rule I live by is you only need to be faster than the slowest person... Altough if it is a pack of bears or Mtn lions instead of one I guess I would be SOL too.

j/k steve.

Oh and of course, I should say I am looking for legal places to ride. I do not want to lose my shiny new ride.

Ringwood and Ramapo Mountain (Skyline Drive) not sussex/morris area but are open until 8pm. So if ya start at 6 the last hour will be in the dark and an even longer
when the time changes... but it also gets colder

Always ride with a buddy. Because you never know when a buck with sharp antlers is going to freak out in front of you, turn around then run at full gallop just missing you by a few inches. You're going to need a friend there to verify that it really happened.

closes at sunset but, chmny rck has been known to throw down some pretty fun after sunset sessions... well thats what i've heard from a friend
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Sparta Brad said:
Well, I was going to ride with Steve, and the rule I live by is you only need to be faster than the slowest person...

j/k steve.

Remember - I control the charge time! I got the light, battery, charger, and am lookig for the cables now...
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