Park Tool School @ Marty's


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We had a discussion going about this a while back and since the end of the season is upon us, Marty's will soon have their Park Tool School. I would like to get a new list of people that would like to come as well as the kind of things you want to learn. They have a basic class that as the name would imply, covers the basics such as changing a flat tire. We could have the class custom to our needs so please let me know what you want to cover.

Typically the classes are 5 people per so if the group gets large enough we will have to break into a few classes.

I spoke to Marty on Saturday and he said they're planning on having classes at their Randolph store as well as their Morristown store this year.

As soon as I get a better idea of how many people are coming, I will find out the costs for everyone.


NJ Jess

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I'm in

Hi there! I would like to take the class. I tried to take it last year, but Eric said I just missed it. More information on how to fix the shifting on my FS would be my fav thing to learn. Thanks, Jess
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