North Jersey Night Rides


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Boys and Girls of North/Central Jersey. I am an intermediate/advanced CC rider from Oakland, NJ looking to do some local weeknight trail rides. Skyline drive is my home turf and I know the trails extremely well. However, I am willing to travel as far as Lewis Morris or even Chimney Rock if necessary. I just want to get out there and ride. Get back to me on this site or e-mail me at if you are interested!!! Let's do this!!!!



I wish we could night ride. I have heard of night rides in Jacobsburg Park in Belfast, PA I don't know if it is legal though. :hmmm:


JORBA: Ringwood
Ringwood, Wayway and Ramapo are open 8 - 8. So this time of year, that would be night riding. Just make sure cars are out of the park lots by 8:20. Park Employees want to go home too, and if you disrespect their schedule, they may lock you in.
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