No Love for Shark River Park?

Road here yesterday after 2 years away, it has some damp spots. I spent most of my time looking to see if there were other trails I didn't know about around. I found a few that started out but quickly ended. A few spots that looked like they used to be trails, but have since been blocked off. I did a little over 4 miles maybe a little over half on true single track, and that is not that technical at all. There are bridges and the park seems to be well maintained, it is just not a great park for mountain biking. I looked on Trailforks, they don't even have this park listed. I looked on Strava, some people are riding it, but I don't think this place is a destination at all. Too bad, it seems like there is enough room to make this a fun little area.



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I hiked there last year, did the whole loop in about an hour. Nice place but too small for me to make it a bike destnation
If I am going to load up and go somewhere, I will just go to Allaire like I normally do. Shark River Park is just so close to me and I was lamenting that fact that it doesn't seem to have lived up to it's potential for trails.


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You could take the lead. If there are old trails that could be restored, park officials are more opened to the idea. Start small.

I didn’t tell you to just start opening them back up.


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I lived down the street for 20ish years starting in the 90s and it IS a cut thru park. Cut thru on your way to Allaire.
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