NJ Jess, clear your PMs! :)


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Tried private messaging you, but your inbox appears to be full. I can't send to your email either because it says it's blocked.

Sorry to put this here, but I couldn't think of anywhere else to post it.
Yeah I tried to pm her and she doesn't accept emails. Is she on our team? I seriously thought that she was with Campmor. I wanted to thank her for her words of wisom at the picnic.

Dang! am I tired. Got home at 6 pm and have been up since 12 midnight. What a great weekend! I just cleared my mail box,...it took me 25 minutes because I needed to write emails and phone numbers. It's quite interesting to see what one "saves" for a year. Thanks for putting a flame under my butt,..I usually wait til winter to keep up email,...since we aren't riding as much, ya know. Had an Awesome time at the picnic!
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