New Timing System for Diablo


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Diablo is getting a new timing system set-up that will allow people to rent the stop watches and compare times down certain trails that are equipped with the necessary gear. And supposedly, when the open their new "IndyCross" thing, they're going to have some pro's run it for some real competition in times, then keep an updated record of some of the best times! Pretty cool idea I think, way to settle something between friends with no real excuses....

Scott D.


It's on!

I can't tell you how excited I am about this. And I thought me and my friends were way too competitive to begin with. Every run will be up for bragging rights. It's going to be so much fun or carnage!

Let's see who rules Diablo. :getsome:


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years ago mountain creek also had a really good x-country race. Does anyone know if they are gonna do that again or if those trails are even open anymore?


El Guac-Oh
yeah, are those trails still open?
I think they were only 2, Caliente & Diablo :hmmm:
Nothing really crazy technical...if I remember correctly it was about an 8mi loop.


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I rode the XC trails back in 2004. Fun, but they've long since stopped maintaining them.

They are working on an all-mountain/freeride loop up top that will likely incorporate some of the old trail, but with stunts, manmade features and machine-built terrain.

The freelap system is awesome. Dirt UK has been gushing about it for 6 months now, and I was thinking about picking up a system from Chain Reaction, but now it looks like we'll be able to buy them locally...


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i heard something about a small xc loop:hmmm:

Yeah, they will be incorporating a mini XC freeride loop as someone previously stated. The XC trail Caliente is still signed and visible, just overgrown and i'm sure plenty of trees have fallen on it. This year is going to be insane, can not wait.

NJ Jess

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Neat to hear they are bringing back some of the old trails. Teambulldog and RVCC had helped build them in the 90's. In fact, at our team Xmas party, one of the guys had an old t-shirt with the XC mt creek race series on the back. It was way cool. I hope they really open the older trails. It would allow more riders to enjoy Diablo
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