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Hey, for those of you who ride in the winter, neoprene booties work great. I don't really use "biking" neoprene booties. I found that oversized scuba booties (with zipper even) work just as well. I picked up 2 pair for $10 at a scuba flea market. Not a bad investment if you ask me. Here's some info.

The SCUBA Flea Market is scheduled for Sunday, February 17, 2008 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
Admission is $5.00 for the SCUBA Market.
2. Where is the SCUBA Flea Market held, and what is the best way to get there?
It will be held at the Toms River Intermediate School North at 150 Intermediate North Way, Toms River, New Jersey, 08753. Intermediate North Way is very close to the intersection of Old Freehold Road and Route 571 near the Bey Lea Golf Course.

From the North take the Garden State Parkway south to exit 88 and head west on Route 70. Travel 2.9 miles on Route 70 and exit from the right lane onto Route 9 south. Travel 4 miles on Route 9 south and exit from the right lane onto Route 571 East/Indian Head Road. Travel 0.5 miles on Route 571 east and your fourth left will be Intermediate North Way.

From the South take the Garden State Parkway north to exit 83 and follow the signs to US 9 north. Travel 0.5 miles on Route 9 north and turn right at the first light (Route 571 east/Indian Head Road). Travel 0.5 miles on route 571 and your fourth left will be Intermediate North Way.
I picked up a pair from performance for $20 or 25 and I was not sure if they would work well. Turns out they are geart for the road and work well for mtb too. I went through the creek and six mile when it was below freezing and they worked awesome to keep my feet dry and warm. On the road, I wore them on a ride last week when it was 22 and I just had a craft sock on. I have been impressed and much cheaper than a $200 winter shoe, they just look stupid.
i rock the pearl izumi amfib neoprine booties, they keep my feet warm and dry when i ride on the trail or the road...
I just got a pair of specialized defroster shoes. I have used them on the trails a few times and put an extra pair of atac pedals on my road bike for the winter. The shoes are awesome. Much better that the Diablos GXP imo.
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