MTBNJ Group Ride: Allaire for Schilling (9/17)


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I have cleared the day for my old friend. P and I took the day and said F you boss! In like Flynn but more like Belushi.
This makes me haz happy.

And yeah, your boss is a prick;)


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Late gig Friday night but will get there and track the train down. Down for some sox for sure tho.

Ah, "hippos". Thought it said "dead hippies" and I'd fit right in.
The ride leader doesn't promise that the course if free of rocks, roots, dead hippos, etc. YMMV, void in Alaska, etc.

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9am start is pushing it for me as I have another commitment that day, but may be there early and ride, then do a partial ride with you guys when you show up.
Will have puppy in tow.
If Husband yells at me for being late, well, the Puppy can soften him I think.
Doing this in honor of Chris.


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In, plus 1-2, for a possible total of 1-3 Europeans.

I will most likely ride in at 7:30 and hit some of the outer limits our ride may not cover, let me see how interest picks up.
In for early too. Intermediate slow, no drop. Might as well get up at the crack of dawn to beat traffic.
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