MTBNJ Group Ride: Allaire for Schilling (9/17)


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
Please join us this Saturday at Allaire as we come together to remember our friend and teammate Chris Schilling.

Where: Allaire State Park
When: Saturday, September 17th
Time: 9:00 am
How Long: 2-3 hours total time
Terrain: Beginner-friendly, not too much climbing
Parking: Hospital Road lot
Who: Ride leader @Mitch plus countless sweepers and MTBNJ helpers, including but not limited to @Dominique, @woody, @gtluke, @UtahJoe, @pooriggy, and @1sh0t1b33r. I assume many more will be there in O&B or black & sprinkles.


Please post here, or on the Facebook post, or send me a message, email, text, or carrier pigeon if you plan on attending. We will go until about noon then call it a day. The ride is a great opportunity for beginners to come and see a new park.

So, who's in?

The Fine Print: Mountain biking is dangerous (like lion taming) and hard (like, um, lifting lions). The rider assumes responsibility for bringing necessary food/drink/parachute as well as making sure they are able to get out of the woods by themselves if that becomes necessary. While we as a group will do all we can to help people who need assistance, if you're sick of us and want to go home, you'll need to navigate out by yourself. The ride leader doesn't promise that the course if free of rocks, roots, dead hippos, etc. YMMV, void in Alaska, etc.

Note: Socks still available on request but making this small because I've been called tacky for posting. But I'm sure Chris would not have cared if we sold socks at this event.
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I Get Jokes
I'll be there. Will have to head back to the lot for 11 (nephews bday). So if anyone else that's not familiar with the park needs to head back early, I can bring em.


I Get Jokes
May be able to swing an 8am start for a pre ride. Wouldn't mind getting a few more miles in since bikes being neglected much of this week
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