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Tourne may be good for a snow ride. That's usually my go-to bc it gets packed from lots of traffic.
will be a sloppy mess with melting snow like just about everywhere else through the weekend
currently 13 degrees so mud is not a concern but ice might be If not running studs. Trails that were previously packed in are running hard and fast and the untouched might be firm enough to stay on top with a fat enough tire. It’s the last real day of winter so you might as well give it a shot.
I was able to clear a bunch of reported blowdowns today. Here's what I did...except the one Ghost, which had such a nice rock ramp that it didn't seem right to hack it out.


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Trail report on the MD...

On today's ride it wasnt bad. Lots of debris, washout but probably to be expected. The first one is a navigable mess, slightly incovenient but just posting regardless.

The next mess is at the intersection where you would head over to black magic, blue moon, rock and roll. That's some scary ish.

See photos.


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