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I know I got everyones attention with the name Log Splitter probably thinking technical trick or something. Nope I have a log splitter and was thinking of renting it out i can use the extra cash to pay for new bike if anyone has wood they need split we can do daily fee and if you want me to come out and split for you we can do that also.
Let me know


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ugh, where were you a year ago! :D I took out quite a few trees last year, and rented a log splitter from some place in Andover. My back was sore for a couple days...

I will keep you in mind for the future though.


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The saw is family

Not like I'm busy enough here at the property but if anyone wants to have a cuttin/ splittin party let me know.I freakin live to do firewood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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I got one of those tree pruner things, with about a 12' extension if anyone needs it. Saw blade and a clipper at the end.


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When I was in high school, my father would find out about new power line cuts and go on fire wood safaris. My role would be splitting whatever he brought home, using the 12lb. sledgehammer and some wedges. That was some kickass exercise for a scrawny soccer player. I frigging loved it.

Now I've got a fireplace of my own, and never use it.:hmmm:
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