Just when you thought spring was here ....


JORBA: Ringwood
.... Mother nature throws some winter weather at us. After 10 years of this happening, I now know to book a warm vacation in March, because spring never seems to come quick enough for me. It's a big tease.

Spent last week in the Catalina Mountains, north of Tucson. 80-90 degrees and sunny every day. Trails right out our back door, bike shop and stand-up comedian in house, as well as great margaritas. Made friends with a resident road runner too. Ofcourse trails never seem as good as the trails in NJ, but I'm biased, and it is nice to feel the sun on ones legs in the winter, even if you do have to get stabbed with thousands of cactus needles.

I thought I would post this incase some of you may want to try this next year. Way Out West, a bike and nature friendly B&B was very convenient.

Well, I guess that's only in my memories now, as the snow falls outside. Anyone up for XC skiing tomorow?? ;)

pixy :D :D :D
Darn, youre so lucky,..

Those pictures tell it like it is,...Beautiful! Sunny! Warm! And then you had to come back to this? Sorry. It sounds like you guys had a great time. So,...who was the stand up comedian?
wow. this is yet another one of those times when i start to think the grass is greener elsewhere...and since it's snowing out, it is. :(

great pics.
My new desktop picture,..

Yup, as much as I loved Allamuchy Joe's winter bike ride shot, I had to exchange it for Pixy's cactus, mountains, and two beautiful mountainbikers. Currently I going through my 100th fever with shirvers this past week. That place looks so cozy warm right now. God, I think I'm dying. (someone what to deliver me a beer for St Pat's day,...being drunk would be better than this.)
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