If you see down trees

Fat Trout

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If you see down trees in North either post up here or PM me and I can try to see that it gets looked in to. Whatever location/ description you can provide is helpful and a picture never hurts if at all possible.


Fat Trout

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Thanks for your work!
Tks, there are a few of us. Team effort, quietly and with appropriate JORBA provided training and park approvals. Its hard to know whats on every trail so comments help. Its hard to ride everywhere and know everything, one of the reasons the Allamuchy trails are so awesome.
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New tree intel:

Big guy down right at the intersection of Ranger (Red blaze) and the connector to Blue that needs a chainsaw.
One down at the top of ice cream, although there is a little less than a foot of room to ride around it as of now.
Making a left onto purple after the short bridge on White on the Stuyestant side, there's a fresh tree down that could be meticulously removed with a handsaw.

I just bought a pocketsaw to contribute more to the AATC (Allamuchy Anti-Tree Coalition).

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