I have all day to burn


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Put rattling creek in the books
Solid day.


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Nice. I see some Rocks Ridge goodness. That place is so rad!!!

The leaves do not look very deep?
No trouble following trails. Leaves were beaten in. Only saw one rider and he has a hunter. He was riding with all his gear.

Other then that we came across a group of horseback people early and then a group of 40 hikers, maybe just walkers ah actually they were out there for the wine at the end. They told us so :)

Thanks too all for intell we had a really solid day.


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It happens. A couple of years back I was riding/training/camping for longer races at RC. I did a really big ride on day 1 and went OTB on Rocks Ridge East going towards the HGL, 0.25 miles from the campsite and thought I broke my hand. That rocky goodness demands respect!


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Let's circle back here and put Elm Ridge on our calendars. Thats 11/26 with a 9am start unless someone needs an adjustment there. @JimN is our guide for the day as he seems to have the deets. IIRC this is more then elm ridge so maybe he can chime in.

This Saturday I dont have the whole day to burn but certainly the whole morning. Its a birthday thing. I'm gonna start from the school lot and string a 20-30 mile 2 parker in. This will be slow with limited short stops and I will be single :)


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@JimN is our guide for the day as he seems to have the deets. IIRC this is more then elm ridge so maybe he can chime in.

I was only at Elm Ridge once and I followed a GPX file, but it worked out well. The other trail system is Round Top which is a 15 minute drive away if we want to hit both, and I would need a GPX file to lead there too. There is a German resort there on the property that we can probably grab lunch at. I've never eaten there but I hear the food is good. Unfortunately (for me at least) the biergarten is closed for the season.


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@mattybfat - nice RC ride! I always feel compelled to start at the other end. It's not because I like climbing a thousand feet in my first two miles - I really, REALLY don't - but I love the flow of the route that way (riding Rock Ridge and Wolf Pond Trails back to back is a lot of rocks at one time, but it's oddly flowy, too.) And besides, since it's an out and back on Deep Hollow Road, the 40 mph descent at the end of the ride is awesome. Now you've made me think I need to get back there this weekend!

Just a quick note for folks planning other rides in PA soon: I doubt they would (or could) enforce anything for a bunch of MTBers just coming for the day, but there is now a lockdown in PA with a required two week quarantine for anyone entering the state. Like I said, probably not something you'd really have to deal with, but just be aware that your license plate could possibly get some attention.


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7 30 am from villa Madonna school lot
DP and SSP. 20-30 miles target. Slow and steady.


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All of the elm ridge and round top trails are on trailforks. Also there has been snow and ice at higher elevations in the Catskills think the mtb trails are still fine tho. There is fb page for elm ridge that has conditions it might be a good idea to ask around before you drive up there.