I have all day to burn


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I had full intentions of crashing this ride (literally). I even put it on my calendar back when you first mentioned it.

exhibit a:

sadly I think I just tore something riding some rogue free ride gnar up near Harriman. Such is the life of a DH rider...

Enjoy, boys and girls... it’s so great up there.


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What a great day to Burn.
The plan was to hit Elm Ridge and Roundtop but last minute details of trail conditions threw a monkey with wrench into those plans. Couple suggestions thrown around and turned out neither @JimN or @Fat Trout have been to Port Jervis. I felt like I have a good handle on the trail system so we had at it.

Once again PV did not disappoint, conditions were great and so was the weather. We saw Jim's buddy Connor out in the wild twice and pointed him in route we just rode. I managed to string together a few trails I havent ridden yet which I was glad I did.

Whoever said to me the DJ downs sucked couldn't be more wrong. Even though my legs were toast after painted Apron I am super glad we went back up for DJ. Probably the best trail we hit today. Hard to say that because the endless single track keeps you busy.

The 3 Amigos
Fatty Nagy
Single Matty
Squishy Kevin

My log read 22 miles 1800 elv
Garmin boys had 21.? 2600 elv
Let's go with my miles and their elv :)
My body was roasted like a turkey.


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Should've parked at the lowest reservoir. That way you could kill yourself at the beginning of the ride.

Fat Trout

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I will say the overlook in the am was nice. I was also balancing 2 days of bad eating ...my fam/in laws fam back to back. I appreciated the ride director's selection to keep that climb last lol.


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We saw Jim's buddy Connor out in the wild twice

Close, that was Cameron, aka @Berms&Boofs. Looks like he put down a pretty solid ride today too, guess I took it too easy on him yesterday :p

Killer ride today, thanks Matty! And thanks for the post ride snacks, burger, and beverages! I'm generally not looking for flow, but it's great once in a while, and man, this place has it. I was amazed at how much singletrack was out there and how well built it was. I would definitely get up there more if it was closer. Very solid back up plan, hopefully we can hit Elm Ridge soon.