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Pissing off illegal hunters that happen to be police officers sounds like a good way to increase scrutiny at the recent explosion in newly discovered trails at High Mountain.
(insert "he's right you know" meme here). Probably better to just let them be, and wear bright colors if they're not messing with the trails.


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Not to pile on but High Mt. is a park preserve. You are not allowed to feed the animals in the park, nevermind hunt. I stopped going to the Mt due to all the hunters. Last time there almost got run over by 2 quads and a side by side near ancients and the ganja farm section of orange.


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Yeah, at the end of the day I’m not going to narc, but I like to vent. Their setups are pretty blatant so I’m sure someone’s already said something.
I happened across this area this weekend and thought the same thing - it’s pretty obvious (and there’s gotta be a cam or 2 around). The securing of the reel on the tree is not a fly-by-night setup. When I lived in Westchester years ago one of the River Towns paid hunters to come in and thin the population because it was getting out of control. They also used corn to bait them. Perhaps (just speculating) the Golf Club is doing just that - thinning the population on their land.
As much as it annoys me too cause no one should be above the law (especially the law) I’m with JMann - I won’t tell if you won’t tell - cause I’d hate to lose a riding spot especially after I just discovered how awesome that trail is.
Trail report wise: on Sunday (Jan 17) it was in very good condition. There were a few low spots with mud and parts where the streams crossed were muddy (as expected), but it was only a few feet long of mud and my guess is that 97% of the trail was great. However, the fire road to get there and back was bad. We hiked about half it cause of the water and mud. If there’s a better way to access it or going when the temps are in the 20’s I would recommend it.
Lastly, I’ve never seen so many people there. Luckily no one on the singletrack but we passed about 20 hikers on our way to and from our cars at the circle.


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imo,( although i don't have my say here anymore,but still..)

i think,it's better to avoid conflict interest and just go on with each our way,.if we (bikers) gave up riding there completely then all of trails builders efforts are goes down to the drain,,so respect (or pretend nothing happened) and just get along with each others activities ,,no drama no conflict,(except trails sabotaging),,i'm just glad to read that some of you guys are really have balls to ride Jack's,,big props to you guys!!👍🙂


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there are hunting blinds all over high mountain, my humble opinion is that while I dont personally hunt, i have no issue with it in general and for reasons everyone is saying, we all gotta share the woods and the trails.

except high mountain is supposed to be a no hunting preserve, in addition to us mtn bikers, there are tons of hikers (especially these days) and families and kids all over the trails including the singletrack.

it just seems like a dangerous and irresponsible place to be discharging firearms or even bowhunting. I know a lot of the guys hunting in there are law enforcement and are probably being safe, and some are on private property thus its legal but there are other hunting blinds that are definitely in the preserve and are super close to the double track marked trails, i know one was right off the yellow trail on the ridge to the summit of high mountain and ive seen others right by the trails.

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Today... just now... don't


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Probably not easy to describe where that feature is but if you enter Wolf from Secret you then have a choice of riding Wolf either clockwise or counterclockwise how far on Wolf would it be?

why do i feel like i saw or rode that ? I know we did a loop on wolf.
It may have been there. Sometimes pics can be misleading so hard to tell. We definitely need to check it out regardless 😁
it wasn't there since i built it yesterday. a part of it was rideable naturally i think(although i never got the impression people were actually riding it), i just sort of connected the natural part to this other pile of rocks that was a bit further down. if you're at that fire pit, take the trail to the right, and its at the top of that first climb, there isn't going to be a noticeably defined line but you should notice it.


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So who's riding the mountain tomorrow?
Side note. Vic that picture of Pat in the biyf thread was that "the wall" on glass?

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