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Captain Wildcat
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On another note...does anyone know the real deal with night riding at High Mt? It it permitted? I thought it was allowed but someone in trail conference apparel was telling people the park was closing for the night around 4:30 today.

You are allowed to park in the trailhead parking lot until 10pm. Text me if you want to ride tomorrow. We'll be gone before we need to have our cars out of the parking lot.

Paul H

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Lot of the red trail is still wet and muddy underneath the leaves. But the unmarked trails up to the summit were pretty good other than for a couple of spots at the switchbacks.


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Ground has been frozen the last couple days. (Likely thawed a bit today.) Trails great for riding. Watch for ice on large slabs of rock on the double tracks...very hard to see at night.

Paul H

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Most of the trails I tried to ride yesterday were under water lol. I had a great time on my HT though. Seems like it's going to be a skating rink before it thaws out.

Link to my bumbling about:
The colored trails dont drain too well but the unmarked trails are usually pretty good. But with the amount of rain we had in the last couple of days... Should make for an icy adventure.


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Havent been out there in 2 weeks now... Kinda hoping thing would be ok for this coming weekend.
  1. Invite 10 friends for a 'hiking' trip.
  2. Hike one loop.
  3. If the surface is not yet flat, insist that you got lost and need to keep going. Google maps is wrong, you're directions are right. Repeat as necessary.
  4. Let everyone know the trails are good to ride.

Paul H

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Stopped by HM today.
Snow got somewhat packed but it got frozen as well. I think it will be a bit before any riding can be done.

Paul H

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What was the deal with the Nature Conservancy group out in full force today at the parking lot?
Are they doing some trail maintenance?

IDK... but they didn't seem too happy to see me. I greeted them with a simple "how are ya" and no response from anyone.

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