Hermosa tours in Endurance News!


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i just got my latest issue of endurance news from hammer nutrition and as i'm flipping though an article caught my eye. it's a whole write up on hermosa tours by the folks at hammer nutrition, who have partnered with matt. i have to admit, it was a cool feeling to see those guys in there and also have them as a partner of mtbnj.com.

anyway, i probably know more about hermosa then most of you folks but i have to admit that even i learned something: this is a unique experience among bike tours. from what the article said, these guys really provide a first class experience which is something that isn't found with other tours. it really is a unique experience and to have the folks at hammer on board with them, well, to me that speaks volumes.

for those of you considering booking a tour, i urge you to get your hands on a copy of the article and give it a read.


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Thanks, Jake. We're long time Hammer supporters and we're psyched to be hooked up with them. The Hammer Singletrack Camps will be posted on Hammer's site soon, but here they are on ours:

Hammer Singletrack Camp - Durango

Hammer Singletrack Camp - SoCal

I'm just hopin' for a full MTBNJ.com Gooseberry Trip. After following this site for a few months I'd really like to meet folks and get some riding in with you all. I really get a kick out of some of these threads!

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