Here is a pretty solid DH clip:


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I remember this vid...awesome trail etiquette

The guy in front rides well but he is a tool. The trail itself is what impressed me. That trail might be 100's of years old.


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Wonder what the turn out is on TM day? :D The trail is impressive, I wouldn't have the guts to fly down it like those guys! I like the yellow "safety" rope on the side of the trail towards the beginning of the clip


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they really need to take a few minutes in between runs...

but the trail looks fun as hell...


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Ugh the toolness in the vid just disgusted me. Pretty good loooooong trail, but IMO there really isn't much technicality to it. It was just a switchback one after and another, berm after berm. Diablo's features are better than that we just don't have the thousands of feet descent. Whatever I can't call myself a downhill expert so don't listen to me :eek: but this summer I'll be trying to kill it :getsome:


The dam Frenchies. The ALPS are huge - if you put every run together at Diablo it still wouldn't equal the length of that run. Some of the sections look like you can seriously just fly off the mountain into the abyss.

The passes were a little sketchy but that is somewhat typical with a train of fast people at a DH park. They probably all know one and other and when you hear or see the fast guy you make way. With all that adrenalin pumpin' and speed it may come off as a bit dickish but passes happen fast when your flying down the mountain.
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