Helmet backwards: the new trend??


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So, after the brief ride this AM, I returned home to pick up my kid and take him to the park in Ridgewood, we brought his bike & the trailer....we were rolling and I hear a weird noise behind us, I figure it was a bike so I moved over to the side to let him pass. When I look at the guy, it was an older guy, I only saw white hair coming out of his BACKWARDS HELMET!!
Yeah, he was wearing his helmet backwards!!!! Is this a NEW ROADIE TREND that I am not aware of??? Or was he just plain clueless???.....WTF!!!
He was riding a sweet LITESPEED road bike, he was not just another old guy on a kmart bike around the park...he had his Sidi's and all the top notch gear.....I guess it is true that money can't buy everything.... ;)

I wish I had my camera.....:cool:


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Maybe he thinks it's the style and it makes him loook young LOL- like jackass kids with their hats on backwards and their pants half way down their asses! God I hate hip hop crap.


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How about the bike you see with the front skewer that's in the open position tightened up. Or how about the barends sticking straight up.


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I saw a bike in Wegmans that was a prize for whatever and the forks were installed backwards.
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