Hi all. Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I'm Michele. 37 year old mountain biking beginner. I started riding my "dept. store bike" to keep up with my husband and brother, and last weekend I got my first real bike, a Specialized Hardrock Comp. What a difference! I actually ENJOY my ride now. Haven't hit any real trails yet, just around the neighborhood and some dirt/gravel roads. Also, we live on 2 acres of rocks in Northeast PA, so I've been navigating them a bit as well.

I'm the older sister of MeanIrishGuy, but please don't hold that against me...;)

I know I met a couple of you at JORBA fest this past weekend, and hope to ride with some of you soon. Planning on hitting my first real trail on Friday, Jacobsburg here in PA. Wish me LUCK!


welcome n congrats

welcome to the site, congrats on the first "real" bike. good luck on your first trail ride, it only gets better and more addictive.
it was nice to meet you and the hubby at JORBAfest. I'm TJ. take care.


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Welcome aboard..
good to hear there is a family member here to keep MIG in check...:)


Holy crap!!! 3 Migs now, ready Cougar and Merlin on cats 3 and 4. Oh yeah....welcome!

damn....3 Migs don't work..oh well.:eek:
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I think I saw you guys at the Jorbafest parking lot while I was getting my bike ready to pre ride the course I led. Welcome:)
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