Harlan Prices bike stolen


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I have had a few bikes stolen from me over the years.

I would love to have my Steel Seven Axiom road bike back. The others I can do without at this point.

I do feel bad for this guy.. I would love his green Ergon's though.

Bad Karma to Bike Theives.

He (the thief) will get his.


I that really Harlan Price? I thought he lived in New England somewhere. Rhode Island or something. Anyway that's awful and the biggest thing I take out of it is a reminder to get my bikes covered on my home insurance policy.

Also, hate to say it but that's Phili for ya.


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I have been reading his blog for awhile and enjoy his pics and stories. Here he is with getting his new house fixed and everything is going good when someone deuche comes and rips you off...especially a new bike. I hope they will find it even though a stolen bike is the last thing a cop is going to be worried about in the Philly area.


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that's a horrible thing to happen to anybody. i had my house robbed a few years ago. the first thing i did was go to the garage to check my bikes. they were not touched thankfully. the dirtbags were never caught. my heart goes out to harlan, you feel so violated after something like that happens.


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Yeah it's him, he lives in Philly. Like Bozizle I read his blog and read about it after it happened.


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That absolutely sucks. Not just the fact that they stole his stuff, but the fact they did it so brazenly.

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