Good ride on 3/5

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Lots oh fun yesterday. I'd say that'll be the last snowy ride of the year. It was nice, I was the only one out there judging by the tire tracks.

I only had time for a short ride since I had some reading to finish at home.

With that in mind, Six Mile will most likely be a mud pit for the weekend. Please don't ride here this weekend. The temps everywhere will be in the 40s-50s, which is prime for riding, but terrible for snow covered trails.

Instead, everyone should go cheer on Rutgers this weekend in Princeton!! This is a great event to try if you want to get a solid feel for road racing :getsome:


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I was really bummed to see all the ruts and damage under the snow last night. It was frozen solid, but it will be a mess now and through the weekend. We will have lots of ruts to fix when it dries up this spring.


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Saw them last time I was out during the last freeze. THe first section along the ridge from the lot was barely rideable because of all the ruts. Hopefully the increase in turnout for TM days will match the increased usage. I think there are a LOT of new folks riding 6MR that just don't have a clue when to ride & when not to....those of us who have learned these things should make a point of chatting it up with people we see in the trail this year...point them to this site, the JORBA site...and educate...Before I was directed to MTBNJ I was clueless as to trail damage, the work that goes into trails, etc....

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