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so my girlfriend and i decided that we would like to go camping in late july. if it were up to me we would be in the middle of the woods REALLY camping, but she would rather have a place with at least bathrooms and such. now im trying to find something inbetween. what im looking for is being able to put the tent up and not worry about hearing little kids in the morning when i wake up running around my tent with water guns. id also like access to fishing and DEFINETLY a place to take the bikes out. so can someone make some recomendations for me?
If you want cooler evenings in early July go north. Poconos have some great state parks w/all that you want. I like hickory run good fishing, mtb, and good facilities for the ladies.

If you want something closure go to French Creek state park past valley forge - all that you want just stay away from the pool lot of families go for the day trips.

north lake in the catskills is a must, great hiking along hudson valley cliffs, fishing is great, biking is outstanding... very clean state campground...just spent time up there and hired a guide from fats in the cats bike club, check them out on their web site...we rode knob hill and 909... outstanding rides!!! you can also ride all around the campgrounds...p.mattyb
if you check out you can get trail directory to choose from. i do know that lake miniwaska is perfect ride with cliff & lake views... you cant go wrong in catskills go thier whenever i get the chance...mattyb
Worthington state forest. Rt 80 all the way until you come to the last exit in NJ and its off that exit. We camp there every year. They have actual restrooms and showers for those who require them. Theres an amazing ride for roadies if you decide to just roll along old mine road. If its trails you seek, i believe your allowed to have bikes on the appalachian trail, which is at the entrance to old mine road and at the top of Sunfish pond (which is an amazing and easy hike). The delaware river is right by the sites so fishing is readily available, as well as tubing. You can also ride your steel horse around the campsites and by the river, its flat so its nothing crazy. Before actually planning to camp there, go check it out, see which spot suits you and then remember the number. Then call em up and request the site and days you will be camping there. Its a very family oriented place so dont be afraid to bring the kids. Hope this helps you out, I will actually be camping there the weekend after July 4th. Hope this humidity calms down because at this point its unbearable.
Lake Mauchunk

We used to hit Lake Mauchunk (Jim Thorpe) all the time. Has great campsites, good lake, fishing, boating. Excellent mountain biking to say the least although I heard a lot has been closed but then I read a lot has been opened. Not too far either. Good place to go.
I was just at Mauch Chunk Lake over the weekend. It's a nice site but very nusy at the mo'. Our neighbours were less than 15ft away on both sides.

And if you want to ride Jim Thorpe then you will need local guides as the marked trails aren't worth the trip. I found some really helpful chaps on the state pages of - they were all at the nationals over the weekend though.
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