Girls rides at Patriots Path


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I met up with Jess and a great group of girls for the Patriot's Path ride. Any female just starting out on the mtb scene should go to this one. Jess is a great instructor and it is a nice straightforward ride. Her friend was cool and showed me a few of the trails in Lewis Morris as well. Except for my third flat in three days, the day was wonderful!


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make sure you folks check this out. norm and i were there on sat am and after our ride there were about a 1/2 dozen women heading out. if you have time, check this ride out. they met at the lot on rte. 24 and left pretty prompty at 9:00.



I'd love to join a female ride - and Motown is nice and close! I'm not that fast though.....what level is it? I'll keep checking to see about the next ride.
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