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anyone have one of these? santa left one under the tree for me and i have to say, the thing is pretty slick. i used it today at PP/LM, downloaded my data and it pretty much tells you everything (and, if you read between the lines like i do, it tells me i'm VERY out of shape).

my question is to those of you who have one, do you have any 'routes' or 'trips' you've done from the area? i've heard there is a way to share them but haven't come across any literature about it. also curious what your impressions of it are. so far i'm real impressed. i'm gonna take it out for a spin on the road tomorrow and see how the cadence thingy works.


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i'll have to check that out. i saw the motionbased paper in the box. i should look at that i suppose.


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Got one too

My wife hooked me up nicely. The Motion Based thing - worthwhile? I would think so given its ability to share rides and routes and so forth with others.

Still working on actually getting all of the stuff on the bike. I would think the cadence monitor would take a beating mountain biking - may hold off on getting that on there until spring.



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cadence sensor is worthless for mtbing. the terrain has too much influence on your cadence to get any kind of consistant, reliable result, aside from making yourself pedal more throughout the ride. but mine kept getting knocked to the side by sticks/rocks/my heel.


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i wasn't even considering the cadence sensor for the MTB. since i got it, i had all along been planning on putting it on the "road" bike. i sorta assumed that it would get beat to hell...especially the way that i ride.

ok sean, couple questions: i found some of your rides. what's a good one for mahlon (your 8 mile ride?) and how do i get the files onto my GPS? i'm assuming through the garmin training center but the one file i downloaded for the black river in chester (from hacklebarney state park...had no idea there was a decent trail network there) and it's not giving me the option to put it in. any thoughts?


I've had one for a few months. I got the cadence and heart rate as well since it was a package. The cadence isn't so much use unless you compare trips around the same loop.

I'm hooked up to and, when you've completed the same loop a few times, you can have a "dot race" and watch yourself race yourself! It's pretty easy to make out the hangover rides!

I think downloading a course from someone else's account is a good idea but a tad impratical to follow for a completely new ride since you'd be forever checking your gps to ensure you're going the right way...
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