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so this afternoon took a spin at allaire by myself for the firs time. i guess the weeks of the tuesday rides prepared me because i zipped around that place without skipping a beat. didnt even come close to getting lost. got back to the lot and went over to the river trail. im really into riding over there. i took a shot at that damn climb and made it up further than i ever have. soon ill get it. weirdest part about the ride was tat i didnt see ANYONE in the woods except for one guy lost on the river trail. i figured it would be mobbed out there today but it wasnt. it was kind of peaceful though being out there by myself. i did about 10 miles with VERY few stops. to my surprise i averaged about 9 mph. i think im getting the hang of this mountain biking nonsense. lol.


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great to hear you did not get lost good pace as well, wait until the ground firms up it gets even faster...
I need to ride hartshorne until i can navigate there as well.
see you tomorrow night.

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