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so i just got home from the montclair bikery, and i just wanted to put up a post about how awesome the shop is and how great the people are. ive been a customer there for about a year and have gotten to know the people there well. I just finished putting together an On One Inbred for xmas for my bro, and the guys there were indescribeably helpful. it was a budget build, and from all of the parts they let me get from the used parts bin, to letting me help on the labor and just being great guys, i have to say im lucky to have a shop this good with awesome people inside.

so if you dont normally go to a lbs, or you buy most of your stuff online, just stop in and tell them that aaron sent you, they will appreciate that and will definetly help you out


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This is something you will never see from an online retailer. Bc you will never meet a person!

If it were not for the guys at halters, I wouldnt have met so many wonderful ppl, joined this site or ride my bike as much! Thank the good lord for the LBS!:D


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Good deal. I edited your subject to give the shop more props.


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They've been my shop going on 3 years now. I learned a lot riding with them, especially when I first started. They're always more than willing to help me out when I need something in a pinch.

The relationship that comes with your lbs is far more important than any money you might save online!!
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