Evil following M-B


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I was looking into these frames at one point and decided to pass because the geo numbers make it seem like they run on the smaller side. Do you find that to be the case compared to the tallboy?
With the same fork the following has 10mm longer reach than the tallboy . I had to run 60mm stem on the TB medium as well . On the following im running 55mm stem with wider bars and it feels spot on


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I had this one as a kid, but was completely of of skating by mid-80s so did not know what happened to him
Was looking for a mid size and thought about this one, but now no good, want a McGill
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I had this deck too... but instead of green, it was a white colorway. There was a really good documentary about him that came out maybe 10-12 years ago. Its crazy to see how his life turned, at the height of the 80's skateboard craze, this guy was arguably better than Tony Hawk, at least his equal... some really, really bad life choices and this guy is in a prison cell for the rest of his life and Hawk is a multi-millionaire. Hosoi had some issues as well... drugs and such, but seems to have turned his life around now.