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I got a Garmin Edge 305 this week. So far I've taken 3 rides with it and am having some problems that I need help with.

First, the thing just randomly shuts off. It seems like mostly on rough downhills. Seems like something with vibration. Anyone else have problems like this? Any suggestions?

Secondly, I'm having motion based upload problems. When the edge does shut off during my ride, when I turn it back on, the ride only seems to log from that point on when it's uploaded. However the history on the gps unit itself shows the entire ride.

Any help would be great! I want to love this unit, but I'm having difficulty when only 1 of my 3 rides has logged properly!


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Call support. They're probably going to tell you to make sure you upload the latest firmware, so do that. Also, they're going to tell you to use only the latest training center version, so do that too. Then call them and it will make the call a lot smoother. They'll likely have you hard reset it, then try again. So you may also want to do that and try again.


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great, a PC web updater, I love Garmin's "full" Mac support.

Still though, have you had problems with it randomly shutting off while riding? I don't see how that could really be effected by firmware.


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The only time mine shut off was when the battery went dead. That killed my unit and started the long and arduous double exchange process I had to go through. It never powered off while just riding like that.


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have not had the shutting off problem but I have had to reset it. mostly if I have it connected to my system and remove it before I shut the system down it will lock up and need the reset.
I use mine on every ride from road to the trails and have had it about 2 years now...
I have had to call their tech line and have found it to be one of the less painful ones.
I base the pain level on the fact that I did IT work on site and had to call dell support at least once a week for something. that is my top pain level then I go down from there :)


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Will, the intermittent shut-off is a known issue by Garmin. It usually doesn't show up until the Edge is a year or two old. Since I'm feeling kind of lazy at the moment, I'm going to just cut & paste my reply to Jake in his blog.

Anyhoo, Jake I'm sure your problem will reappear before long. The way these things are constructed, there are two distinct subassemblies - one half containing the battery and the other half containing the display and electronics. The two pieces are sandwiched together and sealed with that rubber ring around the middle. The problem is that the electrical contacts between the two halves can become corroded over time and the symptom is this intermittent power problem that people are reporting. It comes, it goes, but its annoying as hell especially when it happens in the middle of a ride. Garmin will probably replace it with a refurb unit (I'm on my 3rd) but you have to wonder how long before they say enough.

It's a robust design with 1 fatal flaw

If your Edge is new, I would get it exchanged right away. The random shut-off problem only gets worse over time.


I second the point of getting it replaced. You've only had it a couple of days by the sound of it. I'm about 18months in on mine and aside from needing a couple of hard resets I've had no problems. There are some good units out there!


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No real problems (knocks on wood) But What's the deal with the MAX Speed? I know I am fast :p, but 40.1 max at Blue and then 47.0 at Wayway seems a bit off. The today I went to my activities, revisited my last week's Way ride and I had 96.0 MAX SPEED :getsome::getsome: then I refreshed a couple of times, new windoe and it is back to 47.0. Weird.


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Just a heads up...

If you put your wireless unit anywhere near a wireless or bluetooth device, say like your computer while you're downloading your info... the wireless devices can interfere with each other.

Test it by watching the screen on your bike computer at different proximities to your laptop. If it suddenly clocks you at 95 while you're standing still, it could be the source of your problem.:hmmm:

I need to keep my unit at least 6 inches away from other devices to avoid getting those wacky readings.

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It's not just the edge that had the same issue. I (and others I know) had the Garmin RINO radio/GPS units which had that same annoying habit of shutting off while riding, especially bumpy stuff. The solution was the same, get it replaced.

I am wondering if any Garmin testing involves hard riding mountain bikers. Perhaps there is a job for someone!

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Tim, I agree with the Rino problems, I've had similar issues with my Garmin GPS MAP 60CS. I was hoping the Edge would resolve this since it was designed to be a cycling gps. Let me know about that job when you find it!


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my garmin issues are pretty well documented if you have time to sift through the nonsense on my blog. random shuttings off, not charging, charging, working, not working. all of this started after 13 months. it makes me VERY weary of dropping any more coin on these things. but damnit are they addictive.


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if any of you disenfranchised edge users have an extra charger laying around, let me know. i can't find mine :confused:


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if any of you disenfranchised edge users have an extra charger laying around, let me know. i can't find mine :confused:

The Edge just uses a standard 5 volt USB connector to charge. Generic ones can probably be found on eBay for just a few bucks. Whatever you do, don't pay real money for a genuine Garmin Edge charger.

You can also charge it using your PC's USB port and the data cable.

Or if you really want a wall charger, get something like this and use the same USB data cable.

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As expected Garmin told me to do a hard reboot. I'm sure they'll be hearing back from me just as soon as this rain ends...


My Edge 305 doesn't shut off, but it seems to "Stop" my ride frequently. When I get back to the car and I manually stop the ride, it says "Started". I think I must be hitting the button on the trail somehow without realizing it, but I'm not sure.
Does this happen to anybody else?


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That is an issue i dont think many of us have encountered. Some have not been able to turn the freaking thing on however. May be check the threshold to see when it starts and stops.

I must say however I am quite pleased with the fact that I sent mine in for a new one and the turn around was 7 days when they told me 10-14.
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