Darkness 909


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The link does not work for me. I get "File damaged & can not be repaired". I also try thru the USACycling website & came up will nothing. Please a little help.


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There's another link on this site that goes directly to Bikeway.com. In fact Kirt, I think you originally posted it. Beats the hell out of me where though.


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909 is a great place to ride, one of my favorites.

Tim's a great guy, and I had the pleasure of getting a tour of 909 from the master himself.


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I have really been struggling with the decision to go this year. It is either the 909 or Zion - :hmmm:


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909 man!

This race is awesome. Last year it rained, which kept alot of people away.
It was still awesome. Some dudes came on a tandem dressed as Gordon's Fishermen. They were serving up ladels of chum from a bucket. It was some adult beverage with chunks of fruit.
The course was rippin fast and fun. Highly recommended.:D


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hhhmmmm. campsites: $13, cabins: @$50. anyone up for a sleepover? just in case we accidentally consume some beverages that are certainly not permitted on site?


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Was thinking about racing the Diabloween DH race that day. Wonder if the wife will mind if I take both bikes, and race DH during the day and XC at night? ;)


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It's wee bit of a long drive for one 9 mile lap, or did I read the description wrong ?


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It's an awesome time! I know it's short but it's fun. Have a blast and kill it on the course and then kick back by the fire with some chum punch. It's a great time. I hope to see more out there this year.


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My brother in law's back yard is the 909 park.

must talk to wife. she should visit her brother
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